• Episode 1 - Arrival

    13th October

    Gabriel arrives in Little Easton to investigate a series of mysterious deaths.

  • Episode 2 - Into the Woods

    31st October

    Gabriel and Ben check out Old Wisp Woods, rumoured once to have played host to dark rituals and sacrifice.

  • Episode 3 - Night Terrors

    17th November

    Gabriel and Ben are introduced to a new friend, even as events take a turn for the deadly...

  • Episode 4 - Myths & Legends

    1st December

    The Zombie Vampires' killing spree escalates. Can Gabriel survive his encounter with Lucinda and stop the slaughter?

  • Episode 5 - First Blood

    15th December

    Gabriel, Ben and Melanie head into Old Wisp Woods, but are the undead horde already prepared for them?

  • Episode 6 - Hunted

    5th January

    Gabriel and Ben search for Melanie, but will the Zombie Vampires find her first?

  • Episode 7 - Satan's Grove

    19th January

    Gabriel and Ben discover the extent of the undead threat. Can they find Melanie and still escape with their lives?

  • Episode 8 - The Last Stand

    10th February

    It all comes down to this; Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires in final, bloody conflict. It's kill or be killed!